School Board

Justin Keller – President
 Tom Rembe – Vice President
Danny Furlin
Drew Power
Clint Housh
Mollie Banks- Board Secretary 

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2018/2019 Budget Adoption

2019/2020 Budget Adoption

2020/2021 Budget Adoption

2013 Audit Report

Procedure for Addressing the Board

If a citizen has a question about the operation of the schools, he or she is encouraged to contact the teacher, principal and superintendent in line of progression. Experience has shown that this is the best procedure to follow for the most satisfactory results. While it is not the Board's intent to stifle public participation in its meeting, it is apparent that if the Board is going to complete its agenda within a reasonable time, and, more importantly, in a businesslike manner, it will be necessary to implement formal operational procedures for the meeting.Perhaps we need to remind ourselves this is a meeting of the Board in public- not a public hearing. Board business is the main purpose of this meeting. Therefore, to keep the meeting moving in and orderly fashion, the following procedure will be instituted:

1. A citizen wishing to have an item considered for inclusion on the agenda should request same of the Superintendent and/or Board President no later than five (5) school days prior to a regular meeting of the Board

2. A citizen wishing to make a brief statement to express a viewpoint or ask a question is welcome to do so during the open forum portion of the meeting. There will be a three (3)-minute time limit per person, per subject. This policy shall not prohibit the Board President from extending or shortening the time limit.

3. When called upon, the person wishing to address the Board will stand, state their name, and then state their concern or question.

4. The Board, in conducting its business in an orderly manner, can best proceed without undue interruptions or other interference. The presiding officer has the right and obligation to terminate prolonged or irrelevant speeches or discussion.

5. If it appears there is much interest in our particular agenda item, the chair may call for a special meeting to discuss that one item. The Board meeting will then proceed to accomplish the business for that session.