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Mrs. Kay Singley
PK-6 Principal

Dear Families of Elementary Students:

It looks like Spring is finally here! Our students are enjoying field trips and the final days of school. We encourage you to keep your students learning during the summer with trips to the Seymour Public Library to check out books. Students who don’t read during the summer, experience a set-back in the fall in their reading skills from May of this year. During the school year, we are seeing continued growth in our students. Please encourage your students to read to maintain or advance their reading achievement this summer!

During the last quarter of school, we have added a keyboarding class to the curriculum for grades 3-6. Our Technology Director, Chase Clark, assembled a computer lab for this class taught by the classroom teachers on the third floor. Students have been enjoying the “Type To Learn” Program. In the near future, our Iowa Assessments will be computer based requiring students to type essay responses to questions. So, we need to begin building keyboarding skills now!

We have responded to the need for services for our talented and gifted students in PK-3 grades. Teachers and parents recommended these students who need services beyond the offerings in the classroom, to the TAG Advisory Committee of teachers. Additionally, multiple test scores were examined to determine those students in need of services. Mrs. McCann has been meeting with small groups of these students on Fridays to enhance their educational experience.

Our district plans to offer a Before and After School Program next year to assist families in quality care in those hours. The Before School Program would meet in the Book Room from 7:00-8:10 A.M. offering free choice activities, outside play enrichment activity, and homework help, if needed. The After School Program would meet in the school lunch room from 3:30-6:00 P.M. This program would offer homework help, enrichment activity, free choice time, outside play and a snack. Guest speakers may be invited to make presentations to the children. The After School Program would be open during early-outs. This program would be self-supporting with parents paying a flat fee of $2 per student for the Before School Program and $5 per student for the After School Program. A discount of $2.50 would be offered for second and subsequent children. A pre-paid discount may be offered, if you prepay for 10 or more days in one month. Further details about these programs will be posted on the school website. A qualified person will supervise both programs. We encourage you to sign up your student for this program, if it would be helpful to your family, during Registration next year. 

This has been a great school year! I have appreciated your support for your students and our school. Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Singley