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Oct. 20th Newsletter


·      Oct. 22 school will be dismissed @ 1:30 for teacher inservice

·      Parents- please be sure to send a note to school if your child has been reading at home. A signed note will get your child a Pizza Hut certificate for the Book- It program.  They will also receive a sticker for our chart!


Congratulations to Japheth Davis for being our Star of the Week!


Reading- We are working on many skills weekly for our reading program. The students have been working very hard on comprehension skills with our packets. Besides answering questions from the story, they also work on matching vocabulary terms. We also work on DOL daily to help with language skills. We also do word sorts to get the students moving letters around to form new words.


English-  We are working on subject- verb agreement and irregular verbs. The students are also changing verbs to the past tense.  They are learning to add ed or d. We are also discussing verbs where the entire word changes such as eats to ate, says to said, etc.


Social Studies- Unit 3- Communities Grow and Change. We will be reading a story called, Shaker Lane and investigating changes within this family. The students will be reflecting on terms such as artifact, invention, colony, legend, and revolution.


Science- Mrs. Young will be working on plants and seeds.


Spelling List 9

1.   can’t

2.   shall

3.   those

4.   both

5.   paper

6.   pushed

7.   sharp

8.   shock

9.   crash

10.                 showed

11.                 shoes

12.                 shadows

13.                 reflect

14.                 mirror



If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thanks so much!             Mrs. Winkel