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Mrs. Young

October 18, 2012

Hello Parents,

What a beautiful “weather week” we’ve had.…we’ve been enjoying all of the signs
of fall and the changes of the leaves. The weather’s been getting colder and a
jacket has been necessary for most recesses. And as the temperatures continue
to drop, they will most likely need heavy coats, gloves and hats every day. Please
let me know if you could use some help with any items for your child and we will
get them all set-up. If possible we will be taking another “fall walk” next week for
our studies of fall signs.

We reviewed our letter Ee from last week on Monday and got to watch grades
Kdg. thru 6th have their Bike Rodeo. It was very informative and I think they are all
excited to practice and enter the rodeo this time next year!! We also shared a few
more Family Jack-o-Lanterns and put them in our class pumpkin patch. In Social
Studies we are making a special book about us! They were fun to make and share
to help us learn more about our classmates. On Tuesday, we introduced our new
letter Ff and are finding that many things around us begin with Ff. Several shared
frogs, fire engines, and fish. We even got to watch a fun fish video, read about
Rainbow Fish and read some funny frog stories too. The FFA Chapter brought us a
pumpkin to enter in the Elementary Pumpkin Contest and guess what we’ve
selected as our design…Nemo, the fish!!

Our letter of the week next week will be Gg. Please have them choose something
and also look for a picture, label, ad, etc. of something that begins with G for
Clifford’s Reading Corner, (ex: goats, gum, grapes, gorilla, etc.) We will continue
to learn about the colors of fall and make different leaf shapes too. We are slowly
coming along with our cutting skills but I can see more confidence and neatness in
their work each day. Thanks for your support in helping at home!!

Please see the Jennifer and Jordy Miller fundraiser theme basket sheet coming
home, sign and return as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Young