STAFF DIRECTORY 2017 - 2018


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                 Administration/District Staff


Brad Breon                                 Superintendent

Jamie Houser                             K-12 Principal

Kay Singley                               Curriculum Director

Chase Clark                                Technology Coordinator

Ann Johnston                             Guidance Counselor

Mark Kruzich                              Athletic Director

Linda Johnston                           K-12 Nurse

Mollie Banks                               Business Manager


                          PK-6 Teachers


Abby Allen                                  4 y/o PK/K-12 TAG

Kim Daugherty                           Kindergarten

Melissa Kauzlarich                     1st Grade

Jennifer Miller                            2nd Grade

Savannah Trower                       3rd Grade

Connie Young                             4th Grade

Krista Tuttle                               5th Grade

Cindy Snider                               6th Grade

Shelly McElvain                          Title I Reading

Sherry Jones                              Reading Recovery

Nicole Marshall                           3 y/o PK, PK Special Education

Kimberly Stonehouse                 K-6 Special Education



                                  7-12 Teachers­


Anthony Boggs                           Social Studies

Stacey Garmon                           Business Ed. Computers Careers

Wendy Choponis                        Family And Consumer Sciences

Elizabeth Ross                            Vocal Music

Mike Jones                                  Science

Mark Kruzich                              Junior High Generalist

Jim Murray                                 Art

Chanae Fitzgerald                      Vocational AG, JH Science, FFA

Nicole Becker                             English, Yearbook, Pepper

Eli Horton                                   Physical Education

Elizabeth Brand                          K-12 Librarian, JH Tech

Paul Hinners                               Industrial Tech

Rylie Graham                              Instrumental Music      

Rich Choponis                             Math

Lori Jewett                                 Math, At-Risk Coordinator

Chira McKee                               Spanish, ESL



                          Teacher's Aides


Cynthia Furlin                             Study Hall Monitor, Library

Jill Watters                                 Preschool

Shelby Jellison                           Specific

Sara Hackathorn                        Specific

Tara Trimble                               Specific

Barb Brown                                Specific

Carolyn Lowe                             Kindergarten

Kara Mitchell                              6th Grade

Reneta Black                              Specific

Karen Hughes                             Specific

Mary Smith                                 Specific

Dorthy Wilcox                            Specific




Debbie Sebolt                            

Jenny Bower                             




Larry Brown

David Johnson

Jim Pershy

Anthony Boggs

Devon Sharp, Transportation Director



Carole Brown

Kathy Purvis

Emily McIntire



Terry Mitchell

Gene Parham

Barb Brown


                 School Board Members

Justin Keller                               President

Tom Rembe                                Vice President

Marilyn Boggs

Dan Furlin

Drew Power

Mollie Banks                               Secretary